Sandro Visca
Inedito 2014/2022

Friday, March 10, 2023 / 6:00 p.m.
Pescara / via Raffaele Paolucci 71

The exhibition will be open
from March, 10 to may 6, 2023

Opening hours
tuesday-saturday / 03:00-08:00 p.m.

Catalogue available at the gallery

INEDITO 2014/2022

“Art is freedom or it is nothing”, Sandro Visca said a few years ago summarizing, in a fe­w peremptory words, one of his central ideas on art. Today, with a backward glance over his work, it emerges that the concept of freedom has been his compass for all his artistic activity. Visca has proudly distanced himself from fashions and schools that guaranteed legitimacy, and deliberately opted out of the system and the market, placing himself in voluntary isolation so as to focus entirely on his own language, thus responding fully to his true nature and enduring goals. From this standpoint, with his disenchanted eye, Visca has explored the world and is indeed still observing it, in a demystified vision devoid of idealizations, while capturing a fragmented reality which has abandoned the human dimension. What is left for the artist, if not the daily freedom to choose to return to the human dimension? What’s needed is an incessant creative movement that connects life to art, where the mind guides the hand and plans out the weaving of visions.

Rita Olivieri

Sandro Visca
Inedito 2014/2022