“When it comes to Arts, what I think about is not only Space, I have Volume on my mind. The word ‘space’ carries the idea of void, but the word volume inherently conveys the idea of an object filling a physical space, measurable through width, height, and depth. That’s what art does: it bursts into the space of our lives and gives us the volume of our humanity.”


As a non-profit institution, Fondazione La Rocca sets itself the mission to enhance and promote artworks together with intellectual and artistic activities, with special attention to all forms and expressions of modern, contemporary, and avant-garde art.

Ambitiously aiming at fostering a consistent connection both with the national and international cultural system, and at the same time shaping the engagement of an audience that appears to be increasingly interested and involved, the Foundation promotes and organizes exhibitions, cultural activities, publications, while staying fully open to partnerships with Museums and Institutions.

Fostering education is the most coveted goal to discover, promote, and enhance young and fresh talents, supporting them throughout the realization of their projects.

“In Art, the idea of concreteness is conveyed through lines, lights, and shadows that create the illusion of reality. Volume originates from an artifice, but it generates a reality that doesn’t exist as a matter of fact, that goes beyond the time and space in which it is created. Such reality relates more to something spiritual, to interpretation.”

Ottorino La Rocca, entrepreneur and longstanding supporter of cultural initiatives, has always been drawn to the world of Art, “to learn, exchange experiences, and visions of the world.”

The La Rocca family endorses this worldview and contributes to spread it “Volume for Art”: if we submerge art in the cultural fluid, as a result we have the volume of the human richness that can be brought to our society.